Saturday, July 26, 2014

Help Support a Compassion Musician, Blogger, Sponsor and Advocate...

Shaun Groves (Compassion artist, blogger, sponsor and advocate) needs our help....he's raising funds through Kickstarter so he can record a mini Christmas album.

Shaun loves the ministry of Compassion. You can tell it through his writing, his music and the message he shares when he's speaking.

I finally had the opportunity to hear Shaun present Compassion's ministry last summer when he was on tour with Amy Grant. You would think that he might be touring with other musicians as a musician. But he loves the ministry of Compassion so much, that he'll set down his own guitar and show up just to speak on behalf of the kids and work the table.

For as little as $1 you can support his next recording project. And for as little as $5 you can reap the benefits  of that project through downloading the music when it's ready. And for $2000 you can get his old guitar!

You can read more about his project HERE and go HERE to support it.
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