Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Gifts

I forgot to take a picture of the gifts we took to Orm, but still thought you might be interested in knowing some of what we gave her...you know, just in case you find yourself in a position to shop for your sponsored child.

First of all, I bought a purple back pack to hold everything, and here's what I filled it with:

  • sheets and cloth tote bag (family gift)
  • purple shirt
  • pajamas
  • socks
  • sandals
  • sketch pad, notebook and coloring book (for an older child)
  • twistables, pens, markers - and a purple carrying case
  • toothbrush, toothpaste
  • bracelets and hair clips
  • soft frisbee

What I didn't expect was for Orm to give us gifts, but she did....

She gave this traditional northern Thai bag with elephants to my husband, the center purse to me and two colorful (identical) purses to each of my girls. We love them!

I also got this pretty cool keychain from Compassion Thailand which I plan to turn into Christmas ornaments. 

They are wooden and I'm afraid if I use them everyday as a keychain, the paint will quickly wear off. 
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