Monday, April 14, 2014

Compassion in Tanzania - a letter from a CDSP director

I recently received 5 letters from 5 different Compassion center directors around the world. As much as I love letters from my sponsored children and letters from pastors, these letters are a gold mine!

If you want to know how each Compassion project is run, then this type of letter will give you all that information. Each Monday for the next few weeks, I'll be sharing one of the letters I received.

I don't know for sure, but I would guess that most Compassion projects within a country operate in a similar fashion. So even if your child doesn't attend this particular project, chances are he or she experience a similar thing in their Compassion project. I know that it varies greatly from country to country, but within a country...probably not so much.

And now, letter from Tanzania...

TZ 807 FPCT Chamwino Student Center

Dear Kevin and Jill,

My name is Stanley Mwailah. I am the Project Director of FPCT Chamwino Student Center where your child Joseph attends. This project is located in Dodoma region of Tanzania. I thank God for your support and sponsorship. May the Lord our God abundantly bless you for your kind heart.

Our center conducts programs at the center every Saturday. Children are divided in classes by ages and we use the Compassion curriculum which focuses on four areas of development: spiritual, physical, cognitive and socio-emotional. The children lear the love of God, understand their community, social interactions and have good relationships in community, hygiene and body cleanliness. At the project we are able to purchase for scholastic materials, health screenings and medical treatments, social care and spiritual care.

The adolescents learn self-management, being a responsible person in the community, becoming a servant leader, youth challenges, malaria and HIV/AIDS awareness. In addition, they learn extra curriculum activities like sports and games, tailoring, carpentry, mechanics, masonry, choir singing, computer practice, tutorials and camps.

The center also conducts parental meetings and trainings where they learn income generating activities like micro-business, entrepreneurship and how to become a good caregiving to their children.

We hope that you will continue to write letters. The children feel so good when they receive letters and photos from you. The letters enable them to build a strong bond between themselves. This bond has brought many blessings to our children. Sponsor visits bring blessings to the whole family because the sponsor know the environment of the child, talks a lot with family members, share the Word of God with family and they pray together and this creates a strong bond between child, parents and sponsors.

One again thank you for your compassionate support. It makes a great difference in the lives of your child and other needy children in a community, registered children now are able to attend school, get medication and social care compared to unregistered children in the community. Your support helped our center to make it possible for children and families with no hope to have happier and fruitful lives.

I request you to pray for the sponsored children so that they grow in the knowledge of Jesus and serve Him. Pray that they also grow in skills and knowledge in order to reach their goals and outcomes. We are praying for you, that God will bless you and your family abundantly. Once again thank you so much for your kind heart.

Stanley Mwailah
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