Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wait No More some point in our lives we all find ourselves waiting for something (or someone). Sometimes what we are waiting for is pretty insignificant and other times we are waiting for really big things. 

Do you find it hard to wait? It probably depends on what you are waiting for. 

Consider this child....
This precious boy in Indonesia has been waiting 255 days for a sponsor. 

It takes someone like you or me to step up and become this boy's friend. Yes, sponsorship requires a monthly, financial commitment, but sponsorship is about so much more than that to the child. You see, this boy is already participating in and benefitting from Compassion's programs. But no one has chosen to sponsor him - to be his friend. 

Sponsors are individually linked to a child they have chosen and can begin building a relationship with that child through letters. 

Can you imagine being five years old and attending a program where many of the kids have sponsors, but you don't? Do you know how long 255 days is to a five year old? 

Do me a this short video and then visit Compassion's website to see all the children that have been waiting for at least 6 months for a sponsor.

Sponsor a Waiting Child from Compassion International on Vimeo.

Let's end the wait for some of these children, shall we?

Go HERE to sponsor a child who has been waiting for you to be his or her friend.

If you do sponsor a child, let me know. I have a special gift I'd like to send you.

(Full disclosure: I'm writing this post for Compassion International. As an official advocate, I speak up for these kids on a regular basis. This particular plea is part of a contest and whoever directs the most traffic to Compassion's website for waiting kids will receive a gift certificate for Compassion's store. I would really like to win that gift certificate, and if I do I will hold my own giveaway for someone to win something from Compassion's store. If you'd like to help me win, be sure to click HERE.)
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