Friday, February 17, 2012

From Kenya With Love - Letter #15

This letter is not dated, but my best guess is that it is from December 1996.
Dear Jill, 

It is another happy chance I want to pass to you my warm greetings with a hope that you and your family members are still sustaining life from our lovely God. Here in Kenya my family and I are still fine under the guidance of Jesus Christ our Saviour. I spent my last holiday in practicing songs for the preparation of Christmas day. Now I am planning how I will be part in the choir competition and hoping that it will be a very happy day because Jesus Christ our Saviour will be born. During Christmas I will spend my time in the church acting as a member of a choir. At home we are how wedding maize and beans. At our church we are now getting ready to start practicing choir for the sake of Christmas day. May the living God be praised this is the thank my living God for what he has done for me and also to thank you very much for the money you sent to me as a gift. I was filled with joy when I had that money and I bought 4 chickens and the remaining money we used to buy some sugar for our family and we prayed for the love of God and the spirit you have unto us. 

God bless you

Your lovely friend in Christ, Judith Wanga

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