Thursday, February 2, 2012

From Kenya With Love ~ 13th Letter

This is the 13th letter I received from Judith. You can see this one has highlighted ~ this is a good indication that I've shared this letter during past presentations. If you read the letter below, I think you'll understand why I chose to share it with others. 

Dear Jill,
I am very glad to write to you this letter hoping that you are fine through the name of Jesus Christ. When I get word that you sent for me shillings, I was very delighted and I praised God and thanked very much. I rejoiced and prayed God to be your light wherever you are. You sent me shs 693075 and my parents told me to buy three chickens. I bought and with the balance that remained I decided to buy my family half sack of beans because they wanted to plant maize. I remained with ksh20 which went to give thanks to God because He is my creator. He guides me everywhere I go so I was supposed to give him those shs 20 so that I may please Him. I and my family we were very happy. And I pray may the light of God shine on you where you are.

Your daughter, Judith Wanga

I love the drawing of the three chickens! I don't remember the timing of when God began nudging me to do more, but I wouldn't be surprised if this letter didn't play an important role in my becoming an advocate. I do remember realizing that such small offerings on my part were making such a big impact on this girl's life. I remember being overwhelmed by her unselfishiness ~ asking her parents what the family needed when extra money was sent. As a teenager I would never have done that. I probably would have complained that there still wasnt' enough money to buy what I really wanted. And once again, this girl living in poverty in Kenya, tithed from the financial gift I sent her. 

Did you catch how she ended her letter? This was the first and only time she signed a letter that way.

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