Sunday, January 22, 2012

Global Fast

This Wednesday, January 25, is a global fast through 58:

This particular stop on the global tour is northern Thailand, and the designated project is to provide insecticide treated mosquito nets to children living there. You can read more about the need on the global tour section of the 58: website.

Our own sponsored child, Orm, lives in this area and I hope and pray she already has access to one of these nets or will receive one soon.

Here is a short video of Scott Todd explaining this fast.

Would you consider joining me and fasting one or two meals on Wednesday. You can then make a donation to Compassion for mosquito nets. You can donate either through the 58: site or on Compassion's website. If you want your net to benefit children in northern Thailand, then be sure to donate at 58:

If you do decide to join, please sign up over at 58: to let them know you are fasting and praying.
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