Friday, January 6, 2012

From Kenya With Love - Letter #9

This  is the ninth letter I received from Judith, my first sponsored child, who lives in Kenya. These letters date back to 1995 when Judith was 15 years old.

This is one of my favorite letters ~ I feel like it really shows the difference sponsorship was making in her life. I love to share this one with others when I'm talking about the Compassion difference. My favorite line is the one I have made bold below.
 Dear Jill,
     The love of the Lord is full in my heart as I take a pen to write to you. You are very special to my life. For sure you are special. You have sacrificed a lot for my life (besides letters). When I received your letter I felt happy and joyful because without you I couldn't get letters, pictures and a lot of things you have sent to me. I'm glad to enjoy the pictures you send to me, even my parents are happy to enjoy them. I was filled with deep love when you said that you love me and that you pray for me. 
     Schools are now getting to close. In our school we will close on Friday. But now we are wishing for best results for our exam which we did, so that we may get promoted to the next class. When we will close we will have a lot of work to do for our parents like digging, planting and others works. 
     My pets are a chicken. It lays several eggs and I love it. I also own a kit whom I named Chrispo. I was glad to know of your pets too and the wonderful names you have named them. 
                From your sponsored child, Judith Wanga.

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