Friday, January 20, 2012

From Kenya With Love - Letter #11

This  is the eleventh letter I received from Judith, my first sponsored child, who lives in Kenya. These letters date back to 1995 when Judith was 15 years old.

This one is packed with valuable information about Judith's daily life and routine. I also love how she describes when she goes to the Compassion project and what she does there.
Dear Jill,

You are making me very proud and happy as you do write to me frequently. Actually your letters contain messages of encouragement and advice. I am thankful to God's will for making us able to see this year (1995). Thank you for praying to God to help me. I am very anxious to be speaking English as well as I do in my vernacular language. I have realized that its not difficult compared to other languages. 

My school is doing well. I am happy because God has enabled me to be promoted to grade 7 this year. In this grade I learn music, home science, mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Christian religious education and geography. 

During Sundays I wake up in the morning, wash myself and take porridge or tea. After that I put on my clothes and travel to my church called Ekapwonie Church of God. There I normally join my friends in singing praise and giving thanks to God. My Sunday school teacher is called Kapha Tsuma. He trains us on how to recite verses from the Bible. He teaches us how we should grow up as good children thus respecting God, elders and young ones. I also learn how to help the needy ones. My favorite verse is from the book of John 3:3  Jesus answered, "I am telling you the truth; no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again."

Here we have a lot of rain. I am busy preparing a plot of land to grow maize. On Saturdays I wake up early in morning and go to work on my plot. Then at around 7:15 am I go to attend the center program where all sponsored children meet and share everything together. We learn spiritual things, how to write and read letters. We also have physical activities. This center is situated at Matioli church of God. We have three social works and fiver part time teachers. My family and I often pray for you and may our Lord bless you. Greet all your family members. 

Your lovely friend, Judith Wanga

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