Thursday, November 3, 2011

From Kenya With Love - First Letter

I recently was reading through the letters I received from my very first Compassion child, Judith in Kenya. I was struck by how powerful her words were and had the idea to share them here. I will post one letter a week and hope you find her words encouraging.

I became a sponsor in October 1994, so these letters date back to that time. Judith was 14 years old when our relationship began. She wrote to me in English from the very first letter. I love that I have her own words in her own handwriting as they are truly a treasure.

Dear Miss Jill,
It is marvelous and I am happy for your acceptance to sponsor me. My family members rejoice happily and thank our almighty father. I thanked God for you choosing to sponsor me. I am still living with both of my parents. I am living in western province of Kenya, North of the part of equator facing Mount Elgon near a shopping center known as Bukura. My school is not far from home and I travel to there and back everyday. There we learn history, mathematics, English, Kiswahili (our national language) and religious education. I was number fourteen out of thirty students. My favourite subjects were Kiswahili and English. At home I always assist my family members to fetch water, collect firewood and wash utensils and sometimes I even help in gardening and preparing meals. My family members and I love you very much and I praise my Lord for that in every Sunday school service. May God fill your heart with love and joy for every and give you guidance and blessings forever. 
From your child, Judith Wanga

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